Images of Nature Photography

Digital Photography

Images of nature and landscapes from all over the USA. Shot with my Canon point-and-shoot.

My Role

Digital Photography

Muir woods photo by Katie Wasserman
Florida landscape photo by Katie Wasserman
mushroom on tree stump photo by Katie Wasserman
rooster in the parking lot photo by Katie Wasserman

Light and Sensor Size

A point-and-shoot is tiny, light-weight, and portable. The sensor is small enough to fit in the camera, but the megapixel count is high. Because the sensor is small, not all of those megapixels are real image information. There is a lot of noise. This camera works best in natural light.

Successes and Achievements

Photos of trees and plants work because sensor noise compliments their natural texture, and they are conveniently located outside in natural light. I've used these images as backgrounds in other designs and prototypes.

Lessons Learned

Slower shutter speeds let in more light, but they also need more time to take a picture. To keep the image sharp, use a tripod. Or find a stable camera-friendly surface and set the timer. Digital camera have a hard time capturing chlorophyl green. This can be fixed in post-processing by selecting the greens and moving the hue a few points toward blue. When you save the images for the web, the compression algorithm desaturates greens for some reason. Saturating the greens after compression adds a few hundred kilobytes to a medium-sized file. I have no idea why this happens.

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