Katie Wasserman

Applying math, science, and technology to the craft of graphic design.

Hoy Felices Fistas by Katie Wasserman

Hoy Felices Fiestas

Art Direction, Lettering & Illustration
RedEye Dating Advertising by Katie Wasserman

RedEye Dating

Art Direction, Design & Illustration
Holiday Cartoons by Katie Wasserman

Chicago Tribune Holiday Cartoons

Original Illustration
Daily Donut responsive site

Daily Donut Responsive Site

Web Design & Code
Daily Donut illustrations by Katie Wasserman

Daily Donut Illustrations

Original Illustration
Daily Donut original lettering by Katie Wasserman

Daily Donut Nameplate

Lettering & Illustration
Lipstick Diamonds and Stilettos by Katie Wasserman

Lipstick Diamonds & Stilettos

Branding & Signage
Chicago Tribune neon type by Katie Wasserman

Chicago Tribune Neon

Lettering & Photo Illustration
Chicago Bears Heritage t-shirt by Katie Wasserman

Chicago Bears t-shirt

Original Lettering
Chicago Gothic typeface

Chicago Gothic

Typeface Design
RedEye iPad Campaign by Katie Wasserman

RedEye iPad Ad Campaign

Art Direction & Photography
Digital Photography by Katie Wasserman

Images of Nature

Digital Photography
Katie Wasserman portfolio site

Portfolio Website

Web Design & Code
Katie Wasserman business cards

Business Cards

Illustration & Design
Katie Wasserman logotype


Original Lettering