Katie Wasserman

Intelligent creative. Applying math, science, and technology to the craft of visual communication.

Social Media Infographics by Katie Wasserman

Social Media Infographics

Art Direction & Illustration
Hoy Felices Fistas by Katie Wasserman

Hoy Felices Fiestas

Art Direction, Lettering & Illustration
RedEye Dating Advertising by Katie Wasserman

RedEye Dating

Art Direction, Design & Illustration
Holiday Cartoons by Katie Wasserman

Chicago Tribune Holiday Cartoons

Original Illustration
Daily Donut responsive site

Daily Donut Responsive Site

Web Design & Code
Daily Donut illustrations by Katie Wasserman

Daily Donut Illustrations

Art Direction & Illustration
Daily Donut original lettering by Katie Wasserman

Daily Donut Nameplate

Lettering & Illustration
Lipstick Diamonds and Stilettos by Katie Wasserman

Lipstick Diamonds & Stilettos

Branding & Signage
Chicago Tribune neon type by Katie Wasserman

Chicago Tribune Neon

Lettering & Photo Illustration
Chicago Bears Heritage t-shirt by Katie Wasserman

Chicago Bears t-shirt

Original Lettering
Chicago Gothic typeface

Chicago Gothic

Typeface Design
RedEye iPad Campaign by Katie Wasserman

RedEye iPad Ad Campaign

Art Direction & Photography
Digital Photography by Katie Wasserman

Images of Nature

Digital Photography
Katie Wasserman portfolio site

Portfolio Website

Web Design & Code
Katie Wasserman business cards

Business Cards

Illustration & Design
Katie Wasserman logotype


Original Lettering
GrocerySnap mobile app by Katie Wasserman

Grocery Snap

User Interface Design
ShuBox web app wireframes and interaction design by Katie Wasserman

ShuBox Web App

Wireframes & Interaction Design
User icons for persona deveopment by Katie Wasserman

DePaul University Website

Personas & User Journeys