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Social Media Strategy. Illustrated.

Leo Burnett hired me to design the B2B social strategy guidebook for a global client. The client spoke English, but as a second language. They needed visual aids for communication and clarification, not for decoration. They also needed all of the content packaged in a multi-page document to deliver to the client. I was hired for my infographic and document design expertise. Although the document itself is confidential, I have permission to share the illustrations.

My Role

Art Direction

Information Visualization

Original Illustration

Document Design

Agency: Leo Burnett


Fran Diamond: Social Strategy

Colleen Raleigh: Social Strategy

Eric Diamond: Social Strategy

Decision-makers illustration


Thought Leadership illustration

Thought Leadership

Content formats illustration


Editorial Calendar illustration

Editorial Calendar

Organic Reach illustration

Organic Reach

Content marketing is three times more effective than paid search

Content vs. Paid Search

Visualizing Strategy

The first order of business in any social media strategy is identifying the target audience. Because this is a B2B strategy, the target audience is business decision-makers. Jackets with notched collars denote business attire. Identifying content themes is the next step. What information is the audience looking for? Business decision-makers are looking for thought leadership and expertise. The thought balloon and the light bulb are overused by themselves, but are interesting in combination.

Once the overall theme is identified, content strategy is next. Photos, videos, and text-based articles are distributed differently and serve different purposes. Lines on a card are text, the play button on a card is video, and the lightly-shaded mountain landscape is a photo. The editorial calendar is the master plan of what content will be published and when. The circular arrows show that the editorial calendar must be continuously refreshed. The ultimate reward of social media is extra distribution at no extra charge. The graphic shows how an audience multiplies. Last but not least, content marketing is three times more effective than paid search.

Successes and Achievements

Since the earliest drafts of the strategy document, the client had been requesting a graphic designer on the account. The document needed to look professional in a company that places high value on visual design. Leo Burnett has a lot of creatives in-house, but very few that can do information visualization and document design. It's a rare skill in the advertising industry. The strategy team had hired and dismissed several other freelancers on this account before I started. My ability to produce graphics and design templated documents in a few days exceeded the team's expectations.

Lessons Learned

For information graphics, the medium is the message. Every stylistic choice must align with the intended meaning of the graphic. Line weights, color choices, iconography, and composition work together to communicate the concept. They also say a lot about the savvy and intelligence of the messenger.

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