Shubox Web App

A digital photo organizer for families.

TribLocal is a network of newspapers serving the suburbs of Chicago. With subscriptions declining, TribLocal needed a new platform to engage suburban families.

My Role

UX Design


Interaction Design


Jared Bryll: UX Design

ShuBox web app wireframe homepage log-in
ShuBox web app calendar view
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Designing the Experience

The design process started with hours of taped interview footage of suburban moms and dads. We watched the interviews, transcribed them, and clustered the transcribed quotes to get insights. The insights lead to design principles and concept sketches. The concept sketches formed the basis for the wireframes.

Parents take plenty of photos on their phones, capturing special moments and creating memories. They are grateful for anything that helps them get organized. Every digital camera records the date taken in the meta-data of every photo. We could use the date to organize photos in new yet familiar way: a calendar. Local businesses can post their upcoming events to the calendar, so families can see what's happening locally.

I sketched these wireframes by hand on paper, scanned them, and added color digitally for a fun arts-and-crafts look, like a scrap book.

Successes and Achievements

We presented the research and the ShuBox prototype to the General Manager of TribLocal, and it exceeded her expectations. She was delighted. She said we had thought of everything, and this is exactly how they intended to extend the TribLocal brand.

Lessons Learned

Wireframes need to look like hand-drawn sketches if they are going to be shown to the client. When clients see a sketch, they understand that the deliverable is a concept. They will ask questions and have feedback about the experience in general, how the product works, the value to the customers, fit with the company, etc. If you show the client a finished pixel-perfect comp, their feedback will be entirely superficial. They will ask why the button is orange and why the logo is a circle. The feedback is useful for later stages of development, but not for buy-in at this stage.

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