RedEye iPad Campaign

RedEye iPad Edition

RedEye is a news source and lifestyle brand for Chicago's young adults. RedEye was relaunching the iPad edition of their daily newspaper as a free app with content updated weekly. Because RedEye's revenue depends on app use, they needed a multi-platform campaign to raise awareness and increase downloads.

My Role

Art Direction




Jessica Schuh: Copywriter, Brand Manager, Model

Glenn Kaupert: Photographer

Mason Pierce: Budgeting, Logistics, Hand Model

Aly Morris: Editorial Designer, Model

The Creative Process

Jessica, the brand manager meets with the RedEye editorial team to assess their marketing needs and goals for the campaign. Jessica also writes copy for RedEye, because she has an irreverent writing style that fits the RedEye brand.

Once she has some headlines, Jessica and I brainstorm creative concepts. RedEye's print edition is a commuter paper that most people read on the train or the bus to work. The iPad edition is the same content, but downloadable wherever you and your iPad are. The best way to communicate this benefit is directly and literally, with photos of RedEye on the iPad at home, in coffee shops, and at casual restaurants. The campaign would have three phases: general awareness, section highlights, and specific content. Each of these phases gets its own series of photography to avoid audience fatigue.

I shot the couch photos in the office with Jessica modeling. I applied custom filters for warmth and coziness and designed the ads for the first phase of the campaign. Once these were approved by the RedEye editorial team, we scheduled a photo shoot for the rest of the photography. Because these photos would be shot indoors, we needed lighting and a camera with a large sensor, so Mason hired Glenn Kaupert for the photo shoot.

Mason, Ally, and Jessica volunteered to model. I brought print-outs of the approved ads and that was all the art direction Glenn needed. He took beautiful photos, and I post-processed them and designed the ads for phases two and three.

Successes and Achievements

The concept was so successful that the notoriously finicky RedEye editorial staff gave it a standing ovation during the first round of approvals. The creative was on-brand, on-strategy and made their product look great.

Lessons Learned

This was my first time art-directing a photographer. Sometimes less direction is more. Glen is a talented professional with decades of experience in the Chicago publishing and advertising industries. All I needed to do was show him the approved ads. He has a such a great eye that he set up the lighting, arranged the models, and just took pictures. The photos were great and made my job designing ads that much easier.

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