Katie Wasserman Logotype

Bold and Elegant Logotype

For my personal branding, I needed a classic and timeless logotype that would last a while. There are no existing typefaces with a "k" and a "w" that work together as a pair, so it had to be original lettering.

My Role

Original Lettering

Type Design

Logo Design

Katie Wasserman logotype pencil sketch on graph paper in studio
Katie Wasserman logotype vector on laptop in studio
Katie Wasserman logotype design refinements
Katie Wasserman logotype vector on laptop in studio
Katie Wasserman logotype minimum clear space
Katie Wasserman logotype on woodgrain background

The Type Design Process

Didones are modern typefaces, built entirely from geometric proportions. I started with a sketch on grid paper to figure out these proportions and how the letters would relate to each other. From the sketch, I get a rough idea of where control points should go. Then I draw the vectors in Illustrator. I revise and redraw until the letters are visually balanced and all of the stroke weights are optically adjusted for even color.

Successes and Achievements

I now have a beautiful logo that embodies my personal brand and will last me for years. The italic Didone is elegant, but the serifs are solid for sturdiness and practicality. The ligature is decorative but also functional, uniting the two letters into a single balanced shape. The underline and square frame add structure. It strikes the right balance between beauty and strength.

Lessons Learned

When I started drawing the letters, I knew Didone italics were different than the roman characters. But I was not prepared for how different they were. The baseline, x-height, and cap-height are all the same. But the letterforms are much more calligraphic. Curves with no points of tangency on straight lines. It required some trial and error to figure out where to put the control points. the "k" was pretty straight-forward, with just a few adjustments. The "w" was a lot more work. There are so many variations of lowercase italic "w" and I tried them all.

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