Katie Wasserman Business Cards

Stand-Out Business Cards

The challenge: business cards that immediately communicate my personal brand in an impossibly small space. They will serve as lasting reminders of who I am as a designer and what I can do for a client.

My Role




Katie Wasserman business card suspended in air
Katie Wasserman business cards edge-painted front and back
Katie Wasserman business cards edge-painted metallic
Katie Wasserman business cards squash blossom and day lily
Katie Wasserman business cards hibiscus and feijoa
Katie Wasserman business cards bougainvilla and cattaleya

The Design Process

Communication strategy is the first step. Before I could start designing, I need to lock down the information that needed to be on the card and the hierarchy of that information. Because my "kw" logo is the symbol of my personal brand, it should be on the card and placed prominently on the front. The most important attribute of a brand is the value it provides for customers. I am a prolific illustrator. To demonstrate this ability and reinforce its value, illustration should also be on the front of the card.

I researched different print options, and chose digital printing to print multiple designs in a single batch. I created 18 different floral print illustrations: squash blossoms, day lilies, hibiscus, feijoa, bougainvillea, and cattaleya orchids. All of the flowers are edible and grow in my South Florida hometown.

After printing, I painted the edges myself. I stacked the cards, clamped them with a plastic C-clamp from the hardware store, and painted the edges with a copper metallic paint pen.

Successes and Achievements

Now I have business cards that stand out from corporate generica and leave a lasting impression of my talent. They have a sophisticated luxury feel without high printing costs. The illustrations are great conversation-starters. It's fun to bring a full set and let people pick the card they like best.

Lessons Learned

I drew some illustrations that worked individually but didn't work in the series. They had stylistic quirks that clashed with the other illustrations. I made the mistake of not budgeting time for these and underestimating how long this project would take. Moving forward, I will budget more time for editing the series of illustrations, especially for a series of this size.

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