DePaul University Website User Experience

Website Redesign for a Better Experience

The DePaul University School for New Learning needed a website redesign to attract new students and to better serve current students. Firstwater hired me for this account. The challenge was to develop personas, scenarios, and user journeys for the different categories of website visitors.

My Role

Original Illustration

User Journeys


Document Design

Agency: Firstwater


Eric Diamond: Personas, User Journeys, Prototyping

persona icons
persona development and wireframes
persona development and wireframes
persona development and wireframes

The UX Design Process

Developing personas, in this case, started with observing users to understand their environment, goals, and pain points. Eric developed the personas from his own first-hand experience using the website in his student days, and from conversations with his friends and fellow alumni. I created original icons for each persona to avoid using cheesy stock photos. Once the personas were defined, the user journeys were the next step. The user journeys needed to be professionally designed and formatted for the project document. My role in this process was combination of UX designer and graphic designer.

Successes and Achievements

The greatest achievement was changing the client's entire mindset about the website. The client thought of their website as a library: a place to store information with its own esoteric filing system. Eric convinced them that the website should be intuitive. Users should be able to find the information they need from the very first visit without a painful learning curve.

Lessons Learned

Clients must be continuously sold on the value of the user-centered design process. Especially the early stages. Managing expectations, defining each step in the process, and defining the value of each step are essential to client satisfaction and repeat business.

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