About Katie Wasserman

Visual communications built on math, science, and technology.

Beautiful design is no accident. It is the result of applied science and mathematics: the anatomy of human eyes, the physical properties of visible light, the geometry of plants and animals, the parametric equations of curved lines. The laws of the natural world influence what we perceive as desirable. The best graphic designers understand these laws and apply them to the craft of graphic design.

Graphic Designer. Marketing strategist. MIT-trained engineer.

I began my career as a naval architect after studying engineering at MIT. After designing hullforms for high-speed ships, I went to design school to learn more applications of parametric equations. At the same time, I attended business school and studied marketing. Now I design new brands, advertising creative, illustration, and typefaces. My work has appeared on Chicago Bears shirts, WGN Morning News, Chicago Tribune, RedEye, Hoy, the Mash, and other publications.

Staying on the cutting edge.

Graphic design is for screens as much as for print. New devices go online every day, from tiny wrist-watches to wall-covering TVs. Web standards and best practices are constantly evolving. Design books are out of date before they hit the shelves. To keep up with the industry, I code every day. Check out my profiles on Treehouse and CodeCademy for the latest code challenges I've completed.

Skills, services, and expertise.